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Torque Wrenches and Spanners

To ensure a perfect coupling it is vital to set your 7-16 and type-N connectors to the correct torque. This is particularly important if the installation or test is sensitive to passive intermodulation (PIM).

Connector manufacturers each specify the optimal torque for their connectors and the only way to accurately achieve the required setting is through the use of a torque wrench.

CCE offers a suite of adjustable tools to cater for a range of torque settings from 5 to 25 Nm with attachments to suit all of the 7-16 male and type-N male connectors on our standard cable products. We also offer open ended spanners that can be utilized to hold female the connectors on our standard cable products without damaging the thread—thus maintaining the integrity and PIM performance of the connector. 

Torque Wrench

Click Here for a link to CCE's Torque Wrenches and Spanners data sheet.


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